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Another Year of STEAM programs for kids K-12 and Young Adults! Register for your Out-of-Summer Programs NOW !

Martin Art Center's

The Arizona STEAM Shop
14075 N. 59th Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85306
(623) 240-2206
Mobile (602)791-3935

NOW OPEN!!! in Glendale, AZ
Providing FREE Out-of-School Time (OST) Programs for Area Youth, And Much More!

To Initiate, Cultivate, and Propagate Lifelong Critical Thinking Skills.

A Supplemental Education Center Whose Focus Is STEAM PROGRAMS,
Art And K-12 STEM:

The ARIZONA STEAM SHOP, part of Martin Art Center, is a “STEM” based education center with the focus on incorporating Art as a means to explore: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math simultaneously as the topic allows. “STE[+a]M”, the inclusion of STEM and Art, is a concept in use by over 700 schools and organizations and supported by over 45 corporations in America alone. We are bringing to Glendale Community Center,Glendale,AZ, a STE[+a]M resource for the local educational community. Imagine a classroom where students know they are in a place to be creative, where collaboration is a natural occurrence, and invention is inevitable.

¨ After-School ◊ In-School ◊ Out-of-School-Time, OST
¨ An Art-Based STEM Education Center
¨ Rockets ◊ Catapults ◊ Gears ◊ Pulleys ◊ Levers
¨ Computer Skills ◊ Search With Google
¨ Computer Programing ◊ Graphics ◊ Gaming
¨ Robotics ◊ Arduino ◊ LED Lights ◊ Circuits
¨ Art ◊ Arduino ◊ VEX ◊ Guitar SLAM ◊ Poetry SLAM ◊ String Art ◊ Tile Mosaic ◊ Painting ◊ Drawing
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Martin Art Center / Az Steam Shop is a private 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization EIN 47-2331254

Not Affiliated with The City Of Glendale, AZ

What We Do:

Have fun with STEAM▐ STEM …. ART and Science !

  • Inspire excitement in STEM and Computer Science (cs)
  • Improve, advance and enrich students’ understanding of STEM and/or CS education
  • Include hands-on learning activities in STEM and/or CS education
  • Everything comes back to ART and practical application in the real world in a great Out of School program.