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The Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science recognizes Martin Art Center for our Outstanding Leadership in Science

for 2017

Cognizant Technologies

Cognizant Technologies

I would like to tell you that our Arduino ROBOTICS class will be starting on February 15.
Class schedule is as follows:
 With FREE take home Project!!
Tuesday 4:00 to 6:30  5 and 6 grade students.
Wednesday 4:00 to 6:30 7 and 8 grade students.
This program will start February 15  for 7 and 8 grades and February 21 for 5 and 6 Grades. There are still spots remaining!!!!
The program will end with a party on Friday April 28 for all participants with Special Guests !!
Thanks to Cognizant Technologies for Sponsoring a GREAT Program!!


STE[+a]M IS: STEM +ART ▐ Maker Space


With Programs for 5th Grade Kids Up To Adults with STE[a]M Education and Workplace Development !

SciTech Fest 2017 Is Underway!

Sci Tech Festival

Sci Tech Festival

 After School, Out of School and Home School.

It’s A Playground For Your Brain ! For 5th Grade and UP!

To Initiate, Cultivate, and Propagate Lifelong Critical Thinking Skills.

Vibration Plate

MakerSpace Really Cool Vibrating Plate


Making Bridges and Pyramids









Martin Art Center is Proud to be Sponsored by City of Glendale, AZ

Martin Art Center is Proud to be Sponsored by City of Glendale, AZ




In association with The Arizona Department of Education and St. Mary’s Food Bank


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Science, Technology, Engineering [ART] and Math
Providing FREE Out-of-School Time (OST) Programs for Area Youth, Night Time Art Events, STEAM Outreach

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  • FREE After School Programs from 3 til 6:30
  • After-School ◊ In-School ◊ Out-of-School-Time, OST

  • An Art-Based STEM Education Center

  • Rockets ◊ Catapults ◊ Gears ◊ Pulleys ◊ Levers

  • Computer Skills ◊ Search With Google

  • Computer Programing ◊ Graphics ◊ Gaming

  • Robotics ◊ Arduino ◊ LED Lights ◊ Circuits

  • Art ◊ Arduino ◊ VEX ◊ Guitar SLAM ◊ Poetry SLAM ◊ String Art ◊ Tile Mosaic ◊ Painting ◊ Drawing

Arizona STEAM Shop ▐ STEM +ART ▐ MakerSpace

Angel Arizona STEAM Shop ▐ STEM +ART ▐ MakerSpace Mascot

Howdy! My name is Angel.

I am the mascot of the MAC. Did you KNOW…?? Even though I am mostly RED, I am a Green Winged Macaw. My wings can spread out to about 4 feet wide.

I am about 30 inches tall and I can live to be 80 Years Old,

right now I am 33 years old.

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Arizona STEAM Shop ▐ STEM +ART ▐ MakerSpace

14075 N. 59th Ave. Glendale, AZ 85306
The Martin Art Center’s


In Partnership With the City of Glendale, Arizona located in Glendale Community Center North.

Glendale Community Center North

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